Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rescued (Wreaked #2)

Rescued By Priscialla West
Release Date: February 24,2014I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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The conclusion to USA Today bestselling author Priscilla West’s New Adult Novel Wrecked.

Wrecked should be read before this book.

Lorrie’s semester started off hopeful but ended in disaster. Now, she’s even more lost and confused than she was at the beginning of the year. As Lorrie flees to the only family she has left, she has to come to terms with how things ended with Hunter.

Hunter has fought for so long to keep the truth from Lorrie in an effort to protect her, but that has only caused more heartache and pain.

Realizing his mistake, Hunter has made a vow to get Lorrie back, but is it too late?

Will Hunter be able to overcome his own demons and help Lorrie through her pain, or are they destined to keep hurting each other?My Review:

I was SO excited to get this book a week early. I'd read it about a month ago and was having a hard time waiting for the conclusion, as this is the follow up book to Wrecked. You can see my review if you look at my January postings.

I felt slightly disappointed with this book. There was so much build up from the last book and this one left me feeling like there needed to be a conclusion so the author just kind of slapped one together. The story wasn't developed nearly as much as in the last book. There could have been so much more done with this book. 

Hunter runs to find Lorrie in about the second chapter. With the way things were left, they were able to jump back in each other's arms way to quickly. I would have loved more build up with that. 

I was unsure about the step father's role in this story. I understand he killed her mom, but it felt really dragged out with how he lured her to the prison, only to have killed himself. And again, there was no more development to that story line.What did I like about this story? A lot. Hunter and Lorrie made it work. They are real life people finding their way in a relationship.

I liked that Hunter's illness was addressed and played a significant part of the story. 

I loved the ending. I loved knowing that years later they were still together.What would I have liked to see? A third story. I feel like this book could have had another hundred pages added to it. Stronger story lines, and more details all together. A third book could have really focused on the conclusion and been a full story on its own some 4 years down the line in the world of Lorrie and Hunter.